Cammy Kinney was born in a small West Texas town where as a young girl she was an avid reader and painter. Soon after finishing a degree in pre med and the realization that being a doctor wasn't for her ...she was scouted for modeling , and relocated to New York where her modeling career span over ten years. Influence from a strong creative network of friends as well as her extensive travel to countries such as Italy, Greece, Germany, Spain, France, Austria, and Australia...proved to be the perfect artistic foundation. During her time on set as a model she discovered her love of taking pictures. After a decade in New York, Cammy relocated to Venice, California to spend time in the sun and be near the ocean year round. The eclectic mix of Venice life has charged her artistic creativity to develop into a unique blend of raw everyday images laced with fashion and rockstar flair. The musician is Cammy’s favorite subject.

  • “In this particular century of my life… my one true love is music. Second in my heart to AGAPE only…I put no expectations on my love and therefore it never disappoints…always delivers…and never leaves.
  • My FOUND love is to capture the harmonically blessed in their psychologically natural states…and most importantly, tell the stories behind their eyes with the click of a shutter.”
  • -Cammy Kinney

Cammy’s focuses at present are: fashion, music, and portraiture.